Håndlaget bolle Ø: 12,5 cm

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Håndlagde boller fra Portugal. Hver bolle er malt for hånd og ingen er like.

Kan brukes til for eksempel urter, snacks eller sauser.

Materiale: Leire fra elver

Størrelse: Ø: 12,5 cm

These small bowls are indispensable in every kitchen: ideal for keeping herbs and spices or serving sauces or snacks. Handmade in the Portuguese Douro region, where rivers inundate the land. The sun-kissed landscape is characterised by fertile land of rich clay. Traditional craftsmen shape and mould the clay to create this sturdy earthware. Each product is decorated by hand richly or just with a few simple details. Not a single piece is alike. With this long-lasting item it is a joy to present your tapas or dips. For years of fun in the kitchen!