Molecule 04 100 ml

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Molecule 04

Innhold: 100 ml

Escentric Molecules sier selv dette om duften:

  • Molecule 04 consists of Javanol, pure and singular.
  • Javanol is a sandalwood-type molecule that retains the radiance and endurance of natural sandalwood, but is sheer and transparent like no sandalwood in nature.
  • “What I love about Javanol is its almost psychedelic freshness,” says Geza Schoen. “It smells as if liquid metallic grapefruit peel were poured over a bed of velvety cream-coloured roses.”
  • Javanol is like Iso E Super, the molecule in Escentric Molecules 01, in some ways. Like Iso E Super, it comes and goes. The person wearing it loses the ability to smell it after a short while, only to re-connect with it later.