AYU Herb universalsåpe 500 ml

AYU Herb universalsåpe 500 ml

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Universalsåpe på praktisk sprayflaske med deilig duft av sitrongress og oregano.

Innhold: 500 ml

HERB is a range of unique household products designed to keep your house clean and freshly scentedwith the pleasant and refreshing fragance of lemongrass and oregano.HERB is enriched with the

natural extracts from lemongrass and oregano

The fragance is Nordal's signature fragance

and is only developed for Nordal.

HERB products do not contain endocrine disruptors and are

developed with agents that are as mild as possible in cleaning produts. Products are parabene free

and free of dyes.The packaging is100% recycable and is made of 50% PCR plastic

wich means 50% of the bottle comes from recycled plastic. This HERB universial is ready to use.