Care Poncho sort

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Den helt perfekte poncho mener vi! Den er så kul samtidig som den er myk og praktisk og laget av resirkulerbar polyester. Hette, kengurulomme foran, buet i siden og glidelås i halsen.

Selv skriver Moshi Moshi dette om produktet:

  1. The ultimate winter wrap. Our ‘care poncho’ is a spacious poncho designed in a quilted and silky soft fabric. The poncho has a 27 cm long zipper that goes from the neck down, so you can open or close the neck completely as needed. In addition, it has a hood with cords that can adjust the tightness. In the middle of the belly, it has a large 'kangaroo' pocket, so there is plastic for what you need to take with you on the go. The sleeves are wide so you have the opportunity to have all kinds of sleeves underneath.
  2. The material is 100% recyclable polyester. The polyester fibers are made from GREEN CIRCLE's recyclable system, which helps to reduce 50% energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  3. - 100% recyclable polyester
  4. - Practical, soft, and comfortable
  5. - Quilted fabric
  6. - Large 'kangaroo' pocket, hood, and zipper in the neck

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